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Arbitrari Limited provides arbitration, mediation and adjudication services. It is considered by many to be an international centre of excellence for dispute resolution.

Disagreements and problems can arise in almost any business relationship and the parties through negotiation routinely settle most. However, if an impasse has been reached, as an accredited mediator, I am able to contribute new dynamics; using a tested and successful process, also experience and unique interpersonal skills I can help you resolve commercial problems.

I also recognise that there will always be instances where a binding solution will have to be imposed upon the parties. As an experienced Chartered Arbitrator I will deal with referrals in a businesslike manner. My wide-ranging commercial and technical expertise is particularly appropriate in technology, engineering and construction disputes.

I am also a member of ADR Associates at One Chancery Lane, a consortium of arbitrators, adjudicators, mediators and experts who specialise in complex commercial matters.

I look forward to working with you.

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